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During your Dubai trip you must want to do so many things, but time limitation restricts you to certain things. Though going out is not an easy task and that is the reason you like to collect as much fun and excitement in a short period. Here are some ideas that will help you plan your visit to Dubai.

See Dubai like no One
Dubai city provides a variety of options for guests to have a glance of all destinations. The excellent journey providers make it possible for the tourists to see the city with its all glamours in a short period of time. You can choose a half day journey of Dubai city might begin at the Jumeirah Mosque and take you down to the Jumeirah seaside. You can visit Sheikh Zayed Road and get closer views of the Burj Khalifa. Then move forward to see Dubai Creek and the Al Bastakiya, an ancient Arab city and its homes. You will be able to see Al Fahidi fort and Dubai museum during the same journey. At the end of the journey, guests are taken through the Abra (water ferry) place where they can move through the vibrant walkways of different souks. This place is a significant trading centre of Dubai.

Get the part of Water Life
For water lovers the deep ocean of Dubai has so many excitements to offer. It seems that an amazing underwater life is patiently waiting to be researched. Dubai waters are best for swimming and to experience deep sea fishing in Dubai. There are several possibilities of deep sea fishing in Dubai and a perfect location for fishing hunters around the world. For those who like to learn swimming, can learn in less than 5 days. They will also learn how to use the swimming equipment with the help of a certified trainer, so that you can appreciate an amazing diving experience. Fishing in Dubai is, one of the preferred interest in Dubai. You will be taken for the fishing journey through bus while getting in the Dubai Creek you need to hire a fishing boat. Deep-sea fishing visits generally last for 4 hours. The team is well experienced in fishing and in the sea rich waters.

Helicopter tours
An amazing way to see Dubai is to take a journey of helicopter and move around the city and get glimpses from the top. Many travel companies are providing helicopter trips and spectacular views to the city at night that is the most amazing trip ever.

Sharjah Tours
Sharjah is a selected as a cultural site by UNESCO. The journey starts by going to the old town of Sharjah and the Al Hisn fort designed 1820 by the Royal family. The place has several souks and shopping malls with excellent varieties.

Shopping Tours
Dubai is probably the most westernized and innovative city of the Middle East. A shopping activity may be just the solution for serious customers seeking to see the city and know the reason of its popularity.
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