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Getting in Dubai you soon realized its rich cultures and strong connection with the Arab traditions. So it  is time to step back to explore the rich lifestyles of Dubai and avail an opportunity to be the part of this historical city for a while. collect the some useful information about this city.  Your trip to Dubai museum will let you know the historical background of this city as well as you will get enough information about the lifestyles of this ancient

Learn About The City By Museum Trip
Spare some of your time and be the part of Dubai Museum to fishing town.

Get Completely Involved In Souks
Get the touch of Arabic traditions by visiting the souks which are close to Dubai Creek. These souks have high quality fabric, gold, spices and many other things of daily use. Plan your trip to souks during the day as there is less crowd while evenings are more populated here.

Visit Arabian Tea House
This unique kind of Arabian tea house is situated in the middle of the Bastakiya town where rich Arabian culture can be observed all around. The Arabian tea house is offering best mint drink that is a best refreshing tonic to beat the heat of the city.

Feel The Dark Night
Night in Dubai is really wonderful and full of exciting features. The real charm of the night can only be achieved when you choose Dubai dhow cruise dinner. This is one of the most interesting activities of the city that will remain in your senses forever. Feel the splashes of water and moving water creature and enjoy the glowing city with just a little distance. Might you forget to blink your eyes by having so much in front of your eyes.

Buffet Feasts
To enjoy different food styles, you can wander all around the city. Indeed, that makes you confused what to choose but all is the best. You may get everything to meet your hunger desire. You will find the excellent quality while flavors are amazing.  You can find weekend brunches in almost all the restaurants and hotels of the city. They are offering flavors of India, Iran, China and Western foods are also part of these Sunday brunches.

Spend A Day In Burj Khalifa
You can spend an entire day inside the Burj Khalifa and stay cool and safe from the chronic heat of the city. You may choose to sit in any of the café and have fun with some delicious recipes. If not, then you can drink in any of the bar as there are many for you. Let’s move here and there and get amused by the most appealing features of this Burj Khalifa.  Try to cash this precious life chance as might be your would not be able to get it again in life.
Dubai is not comprised of just the above mentioned activities and places, but it is beyond your imaginations. So whenever you plan to go to Dubai, must spare plenty of times so that you can get maximum enjoyments.
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