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Dubai specials are in numbers and even hard to count in words, but one thing is sure they have tremendous effects over one’s life. City is expensive and rich people entertainment place, but anyone can get its best variety, see buildings, man made Islands and much more.

Place for different Nationalities
One of the special feature of Dubai is that it is the place of different nationalities and religions. People from different backgrounds come here for different purposes while the city is friendly with all. They live together in peace and harmony in spite of all their religious and belief differences.

Low Crime Rate
Crime free atmosphere and proper law and order systems make Dubai more special place to see and stay. People in group or even individual come here and get maximum benefit by involving themselves in its beauties and attractions. They can freely move around the city, explore the exciting features of the city without any fear and tension. Even if it is night one can easily go out to participate in various activities.

Tax free City
Yes, Dubai is a tax free city and it is one of the most important feature of this city for shopping lovers. From different parts of the world tourists visit the city and enjoy its tax free culture.

Biggest Spot for Entertainments
Dubai without any doubt is a biggest entertainment spot. Its huge shopping malls, lavish hotels, excellent restaurants and enjoyment sites all will fill your trip with pleasures. Among several exciting features you must try Musandam Dibba tour, which is a very special place in the Arabian Peninsula due to its atmosphere and peace. Musandam Dibba has again special potential to keep its tourists fully involve.

Peaceful Place
Dubai is considered the most peaceful place in the Middle East. The zero crime rate here makes it the most appealing place for the tourists. It seems that peace is all around over its oceans, in its deserts and even within the city when you are wandering here and there.

Equal Treatment
Due to good governance and strict polices punishment rules are equal for all. Not no is free from these rules as they apply to anyone. This equal treatment helps the citizens of Dubai to develop the confidence over the rulers and legislations process.

Biggest Constructions
Again, one more reason of the city’s popularity is its huge and ultra mode structures and buildings. In other words, they are reasons to enhance the beauty and grace of this place. The buildings that make this city more special are Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Ski Dubai, underwater hotel, water parks, moving buildings and many other surprising aspects to see and enjoy.

Earning Opportunities
Dubai provides best earning opportunities to the people from different counties. That is the reason here a large amount of migrants is residing for different kind of earning resources. It is like a give and take process that is again made the city more special and demanding place over the world.
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