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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the ideal duration for deep sea fishing in Dubai? Is 2 to 3 hour duration sufficient?
A. Deep sea fishing in Dubai means starting your trip from Dubai Marina Yacht Club and sail through all landmark buildings before reaching to the deeper water. Since it takes some time to reach and then get back also, we recommend that you keep 4 hours for this purpose so that you do it in a relaxed manner.
Q. How much time does the cruising take?
A. Cruising does not mean speeding. It is done at a languid pace so that you may enjoy every scenery, every sea scape and every moment without any need to hurry back. Since Dubai has so many iconic structures full of superlatives, it should take 4 hours to complete it with a bit of additional activities such as swimming and snorkeling. So keep 4 hours for cruising.
Q. What are the inclusions in the package?
A. Apart from cruising time, light refreshments and fishing gear are included in the package. We generally throw in free pick up and drop for guests coming from Dubai ad Sharjah as well as complimentary fish cleaning and grilling as part of the package.
Q. Is there any meal included in the package?
A. Your package only includes light refreshments and so no meals are provided with the package. You may order us a particular type of meal and we would organize it for you at an additional cost.
Q. Where is your yachts located?
A. All our yachts are berthed at Dubai Marina Yacht Club, on the scenic Dubai Marina Lagoon.
Q. What is the cruising trip route?
A. Our cruising trip route starts from Marina Lagoon and then sails past Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis Hotel, the Palm and the World Islands clusters.
Q. Can we get down for having food any restaurant while cruising?
A. Unlike long distance cruising, the cruising in Dubai does not touch any shoreline once it leaves Dubai Marina. Hence there is no possibility of getting down and visiting any restaurant.
Q. Can we go for swimming and do snorkeling while cruising?
A.Yes! Swimming and snorkeling are few of the activities you can safely indulge while cruising. We also provide complementary snorkeling gear.
Q. Is alcohol served aboard your yacht?
A. Alcohol is not sold by us aboard our yacht and alcohol is not part of any inclusion. This is as per the regulations of Dubai Government. However, you may bring your own bubbly with yourself and our crew would gladly serve it to you.
Q. Should I bring any towel etc?
A. We do provide fresh and clean towels on our boats and yachts. However, you may bring your own towels for your hygiene.
Q. Should I bring any Id-Proof?
A. As per the requirements of Dubai Government, you must keep some identity proof during your fishing and cruising trip and should be produced when sea patrol asks for it.
Q. Are your crew well experienced?
A. We take utmost care in appointing our crew and captain. They are trained and certified. They also undergo regular training programs that are conducted by the Ports Authority. They are also trained in Safety related matters.
Q. Do we get sea sick during the cruising and fishing trip?
A.Yes! Sea sickness is very common during fishing and cruising trip. We have common OTC medicine for sea sickness that we provide to all guests. However, you may bring your own if you so desire.
Q. What if the weather is bad?
A. If the weather is bad before the trip or turn suddenly very rough suddenly during the cruising, our Refund policy would be applicable as per Our Terms and Conditions.
Q. Is there any music on board?
A.Yes! We have bespoke music and home theater system on board. However, we may have limited music collection so we advise you to bring your own music in any format and we would play it for you.
Q. When should we arrive for our fishing and cruising trip?
A. As Dubai Marina Yacht Club is a fantastic venue, we advise you to come early and have look around and take a walk before starting your trip. Arrive 20 to 30 minutes before and you would do yourself a great offer.
Q. How much time before our trip should we book our boat or yacht with you?
A. Winter is very heavy in terms of demand for fishing and cruising. We would recommend that you book yourself at least 3 to 4 days before the trip date. In summer, one day advance booking is sufficient.
Q. What are your general terms and conditions?
A. Our terms and conditions are all stated in this website under “Terms and Conditions” page.
Q. What are payment methods?
A. Payment must be made in advance. Cash or card payment is acceptable by us.


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