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Musandam Oman

Oman Musandam – Nature’s Hidden Paradise

Bordering UAE and nestled among the mountains of Hajar, lies Musandam which is a pure visual treat for nature lovers. Musandam has many unique features that deserve special mention. Known as Norway of the Gulf, Musandam is also famous for the fjords. These fjords are narrow inlets of Arabian Sea that cut through Limestone Mountains creating a unique geographical wonder. Out on the water is where to get a closer look at the fjords of Musandam. Huge chunks of rocks towering over the serene waters and little villages that are only accessible by boat. One of the striking geological features of these mountains is all the twisting and turning they’ve gone through over the years. It is possible to catch many of these boat trips through agencies in Dubai. The drive from the UAE, especially after passing the Omani borders, is great, as it goes through breathtaking landscapes. Dhow cruises take you out to the Hormuz Strait.


Musandam has something for everyone. Its sea inlets are rich with marine life including dolphins, beaches are amazingly pristine and ideal for camping, mountains are imposing and surreal and of course the little isolated villages have centuries of stories hidden in them. When you go Musandam, you would never feel that you had enough as nature would keep giving you surprises one of another.


Your typical activities in Musandam could be snorkeling and diving to get closer to the astonishingly colorful marine life, quaint dhow cruise on the fjords like water inlets, super thrilling banana boat ride, a night of camping on the beach or a roller coaster drive through the Hajar mountains; just sums up many ways to enjoy this paradise.



You cannot resist the magnetic charm of Musandam Dibba. Dibba is part of Musandam located in its Eastern Coast. A trip to Musandam Dibba from UAE is very simple as there is emigration check-out or check in is not required. Since it is very easy to access from UAE, millions of tourists from UAE visit Dibba every year to soak up in the sheer beauty and indulge in marine sport activities such as snorkeling, banana-boating or simply idling in the Omani dhow and enjoying the famous Arabian Hospitality.



Khasab is the main city and capital of Musandam province. With a total population of around 29000 scattered around remote villages, Khasab tour takes you closest to virgin beauty of Oman’s famous inlets of Arabian Sea that slice limestone mountains of Hajar creating fjords like structure. These inlets, aided by nature’s benevolence, is home to exotic marine life. One can enjoy dolphin safari during Musandam Khasab Tour as well as Dhow cruise. A trip to Musandam Khasab from Dubai is a soul stirring marine adventure and hence a must in your tour itinerary.


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Oman Musandam

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