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Sunset Cruise Dubai – experience the pure visual delight


If you have not experienced a golden sunset with sea as the background, this is the right moment. Sunset cruise Dubai means cruising in a luxury yacht while the sun is slowly taking a final bow of the day and sea birds taking final flight for their food before evening gives way to the night.


The Sunset cruise starts aboard our yacht starts from Dubai Marine Yacht club in the afternoon. While your yacht slowly straddles across the lagoon, you may enjoy a hot cup of tea or beverage of your choice and enjoy the grandeur of Dubai Marina coastline. Our helpful staff would ensure that they give you a running commentary if you so desire. The yacht sails past the most frequently documented man-made structures like 7 star Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah Island and of course the Atalntis at Palm. By the time you reach the vantage point, the sun turns into an orange ball and swaths the sea with its color. You enjoy the sunset with myriads of emotions and while the sun finally retreats into the ocean, we return to the shores.


The whole trip lasts 2 hours and light refreshments are served aboard. You may do sunset cruise either on a sharing basis or on exclusive basis.


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