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Desert Safari Dubai: The thrills of the desert ride in a 4 wheel drive followed by beautiful performances including belly dance and tanoura dance along with a barbeque dinner and much more.
Dune Bashing Dubai: An impressive drive in the desert with our expert drivers. You might skip a heartbeat.
Over Night Desert Safari: Stay a night in the vast and mysterious desert and get to know the habitat for yourself.
Hatta Mountain Safari: Travel to the untamed beauty, The Hatta Mountains, enjoy the fresh air and go for a dip in the green waters.
Dhow Cruise Dinner: Unwind and enjoy a two-hour musical night on an Omani Dhow. Get ready for a light magic show while you enjoy a delicious barbeque.
Dhow Cruise Marina: Feast on a myriad of buffet varieties in our Omani Dhow sailing through the Marina Lagoon and enjoy the adoringly crafted tanoura dance performance.
Dubai City Tour: A sightseeing tour that covers all the landmarks and markets of Dubai City including Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Old Souk, Gold Souk, Spice Market, Museum and much more.
Amazing skyscrapers and large arcades await you in this multifaceted tour of Dubai city. Find yourself at the Centre of jaw-dropping visuals. 
Sharjah City Tour: The cultural capital of UAE satisfies your artistic appetite like no other Emirate. Travel through the architectural wonders of Sharjah and admire the skill of unseen. Be mystified by the authentic and original designs of markets and their collections.
Al Ain City Tour: Visit the city of Al-Ain, untouched by the glitz and glam of the neighboring cities and get to know the peaceful lives of locals and be acquainted with nature’s generosity exclusive for Al-Ain.
Abu Dhabi City Tour: The wealthiest and largest city in UAE is undoubtedly grand and gorgeous. Try to contemplate this live and eventful city with numerous spots to get flabbergasted.
East Coast Tour: Receive far more than you seek in our East Coast Tour where you travel through attractive mountains and farmlands of Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah. Be obsessed with the wide open spaces of the countryside.
Shopping Tour Dubai:  Go on a shopping spree for a day where we will take you through the paradise of shoppers, the city of Dubai. Choose from an ocean of brands comprising jewelry, clothes, and handicrafts that put any therapy session to shame.
Burj Khalifa Tour: Catch a glimpse of Dubai City from the top of the tallest building in the world and experience the world's fastest elevator inside.
Burj al Arab Tour: Dine in the world's only Seven Star hotel. Makes you one of the few who had experienced the wonder.
Helicopter Tour: Get a Bird's View of Dubai City on a helicopter ride. Fly over Burj Khalifa, Palm Island and every other landmark of Dubai city.
Seaplane Tour: Take a flight from the sea to the above vastness on a sea-plane.
Fishing Trip: Cruise into the deep sea of Dubai and have a nice time with your loved ones, fishing. You never know what is at the end of the fishing pole. Get lucky and catch some big fishes and have the crew cook it for you.
Yacht Charter: Hunt your dreams and charter your own private luxury yacht for parties and family trips. Bring put the posh in you.
Yacht Cruising: Cruise around the World Islands, Palm Island, Burj al Arab and Atlantis hotel in a Luxury Yacht.
Catamaran Cruise: Cruise through Dubai’s spectacular views in a catamaran. Swim in the sea until you are hungry for a delicious barbeque.
Musandam Dibba Trip: This natural paradise will leave you speechless and then turn you into a storyteller. Have your day with banana boat rides, lunch in an Omani dhow and dive in the fresh waters of Musandam Dibba. You are only one swim away from the best trip of your life.
Musandam Khasab Trip: The flora and fauna of Musandam Khasab and the vertical rocky beauties will conquer you to the fullest. The dolphins in the Musandam waters will offer you a time worth spending. It is just you and nature without interference. 
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Have a ride on the world’s fastest roller coaster and other Ferrari rides like formula Rossa and much more. Feel the most alive when you skip one or two heartbeats. Take that risk and experience the unusual adrenaline blast.
Wild Wadi: Experience one of the most popular water park in Dubai near Jumeirah. Bring your family and have a bonding time.
Dubai Dolphinarium: Swim incredibly close to the dolphins and caress these wonderful creatures in an air-conditioned hall. Watch the acrobatic skills of dolphins with friends and family.
Hot Air Balloon: Lift off in a hot air balloon above the vast desert and watch the deception unfold in front of you. Watch a magnificent sunrise from the towering heights.
Ski Dubai: It is always ski time at the indoor snow park regardless of the climate outside. Get your winter gears and have fun skiing. Be close to heaven and down to earth at the same time.
Parasailing: Put your wings on and fly like a bird over the ocean. An experience like never before.
Scuba Diving Dibba: Leave your stress at the surface, put on the diving gear and dive deep into the aquatic world. Get introduced to a world beyond imagination.
Scuba Diving Fujairah: An ideal water sport to explore the underwater life and natural scenic beauty.
Night Diving Fujairah: Dive face first into the mysterious darkness of Fujairah waters and get enlightened by the luminous creatures and planktons. 
Night Crab Hunting: Hungry for some crabs? Catch your own crabs from a natural crab habitat, Umm Al Quwain and get them served for you by our crew.
Dubai Jet Ski: Make some waves on a super-fast jet ski and feel the adrenaline rise. Its impossible to be gloomy on a jet ski.

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