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We visited Dubai during last summer vacation. After reaching there we get the services of Al Wasl a well known tourist company providing the exclusive services in the field. The success of this company can be found not only in effort but also the drive of confidence and reliability towards fulfilment of its visitors. It provided us the best trip in terms of trip preparing, affordable cost, resorts and booking, transportation, journey assistance, travel and leisure , touring information, shopping, multilingual trip guide, special trips of desert safari and dhow cruise. From the time we start our trip and until we finished Al-Wasl has designed such a wonderful journey that leaves no stone.

Upon our desire to have fun on luxury Yachts in Dubai our touring company arranged a trip for us. This was a sunny day and we all were very excited and anxious. We have all seen in films but did not think of such journey in real life. We made so many preparations and purchased special clothes for this journey. Time on the relaxed sea was one of the best experience of our whole life. I and my family enjoyed every moment over the Dubai yachts. The sundown into the sea with a yachts was the amazing scenery. I and my family capture this amazing aspect of the scenery together. The fresh air and clean water was so relaxing that I forget all of my worries. The overall voyage was so interesting that we all thought it is one of the best method to discover the Dubai ocean. There were many other people on the board who were getting amused from the journey as well as from the available yacht rental services in Dubai with the same sensations. We all quickly get engaged with each other and start taking part in each others activities on the patio.

As per our plan we did the Fishing from the panel of yachts in Dubai. As this activity is the source of attraction for many people so many other people on the deck get involved and it became a group activity. We were provided all equipments upon expressing our wish. The captain and crew were so cooperative that they took us to the main point where we can easily catch our prey and that was the reason that we succeeded in our mission. Few of us were singing songs while few were dancing. We cooked fish on the deck as the grill was provided to us by the crew of yachts.

For a few of us it was the first experience of fishing in Dubai so that way it was a thrilling group activity where everyone was supportive and cautious towards each other and we tried to give space and opportunity to new participants. The luxury yachts was designed fully protected that our children were playing with each other with no fear. We all were also very relaxed and comfortable while they were playing and enjoying the sea. Google+
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